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Eco - Friendly Green Practices

Beauview has been recognized by the Audubon Green Leaf Eco Rating program and has achieved the Rating of 3 Green Leafs.

"Beauview Cottage Resort is taking substantial steps towards environmental improvement. Beauview Cottage Resort has made excellent progress in adopting industry best practices for energy efficiency, resource conservation and pollution prevention in all areas of its operations and management."

'The Beauview Cottage Resort should be commended on taking steps towards adopting the industry's Best Environmental Practices."

Kevin Gallagher, GreenLeaf Environmental

What are the ratings and what do they mean?

1 Green Leaf Hotel has started making environmental improvements such as using less energy, conserving water and reducing waste, to name a few.

2 Green Leafs Hotel is continuing to reduce the environmental impacts of its operations, as well as being aware of and committed to sound environmental practices.

3 Green Leafs Hotel continues to pursue eco efficiency results by demonstrating current best practices in all areas of its operations and management.

4 Green Leafs Hotel is an industry leader in eco-efficiency practices, and demonstrates a management commitment to continuous improvement and industry leadership.

5 Green Leafs Hotel: is recognized as a world leader in eco-efficiency and is continually introducing environmental policies and practices that can be adopted by others.


We have adopted a number of practices over the years to reduce our footprint and our impact on the environment.

Recycle containers placed throughout the property and at each cottage.

Purchased 4 stroke boat motor

We use Battery operated "weed wacker" whenever possible

No pesticides or herbicides or any chemicals are used on the grounds

All paint is water based. No oil paint is used.

Light bulbs are being replaced with compact florescent bulbs

The hot tubs have no heaters!  (They use a heat recovery system from the pump motor)

All the refrigerators are energy star rated

Most outdoor lights are solar powered or on timers

Laundry detergent is from Eco Ethic - no phosphates

We have a compost pile for all our leaves that we collect each Fall

There is a buffer between the property and the water to limit the effect of runoff water into the lake.

Septic systems are pumped out regularly to ensure the anaerobic digestion process continues to work.

Please do your part to help:

Use the recycle bins provided at each cottage and around to property for cans, bottles, fibres, newspapers.

To conserve energy, Keep the cottage windows closed when running your air conditioner or heaters.

Turn off the television when you go outside.

Put the lid on the hot tub when not in use to keep the heat in.

Use a funnel when putting gas in your boat to eliminate spillage.  Don't fill to the top of the tank.










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